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Becoming a CRCC member


It is with honor, confidence and pride that the board of directors of the Cornish Rex Club of Canada (CRCC) invite you, dear friends, Rex lovers, breeders, owners and fanciers, to be part of this great project by becoming a member of the CRCC.

The Cornish Rex Club of Canada is a not for profit organization which came to be in 2017, thanks to the efforts and determination of owners and breeders of Cornish Rex cats dedicated to the protection, recognition and advancement of this magnificent breed.

The CRCC is first and foremost a resource for it’s members, a guide for it’s breeders and a representative of the breed before the Canadian authorities with the goal of overseeing breeding practices in Canada.

Your participation will insure the club reaches it’s objectives. You opinions, needs, queries and ideas are the base with which we will build, elaborate and innovate for the well being and future of our cats and our beloved breed.

The Cornish Rex Club of Canada; A team, our team, your team!
Your support will make all the difference.

By becoming a breeder member:

  • You wish to protect the health and standard of the breed
  • You want to improve the welfare of breeding cats
  • You want to protect the public and provide accurate and truthful information about breed
  • You give our Club more credibility with the government during negotiations and lobbying
  • You gain access to a private Facebook group to share, learn and discuss with other fans of this beautiful race
  • You receive a printable CRCC membership certificate by email (for breeder members on a one year probation)
  • You receive an printed, official CRCC membership certificate by mail (for regular breeder members who have completed the probation period)
  • You will gain access to helpful resources regarding breeding practices, breed standards, health and animal welfare.
  • You will have the opportunity to get involved in the various committees


By becoming a regular member (owner, future owner, breed lover):

  • You are supporting the protection and health of the breed
  • You are supporting the improvement of the well-being of breeding cats
  • You are supporting the protection of the public
  • You give our Club credibility
  • You can access to our Facebook group to share, learn and discuss with other fans and breeders
  • After your donation (the amount is at your discretion) you will receive a membership certificate

CRCC members have access to an exclusive Facebook group so that we can discuss this beautiful breed together. You will receive your invitation to the group after your membership.