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Blood Groups

Blood Groups

There are 3 possible blood groups in cats. In Cornish Rex breed the prevalence of blood group B is approximately 40%.

Group A (the cat is A/a or A/b)
Group B (the cat is  B/b)
Group AB (the cat is AB/a, AB/b or AB/ab) very rare

(1% of all cats, all breeds)

A serious problem called neonatal isoerythrolysis arises when with mating a Type A male with a Type B female. What occurs in this case, is the destruction of red blood cells in blood group A kittens born to blood group B mothers.

All breeders who are members of the Cornish Rex Club of Canada must know the blood type of their breeding cats to avoid this condition after the birth of kittens.

Mating a type B female with a type A male is possible if the kittens are removed at birth and fed a formula for the first 24 hours of life. Note that kittens will not receive colostrum and their immunity may be lower until their first vaccination. After 24 hours, they can be breastfed normally by their mother without danger.

The following table provides information on the possible blood groups of future unborn kittens according to the blood group of the parents.